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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

The Chapter headings of this book are:

1. An Overview of Biogas

2. National Biogas Programmes

3. Organisation and Management

4. How Biogas Works

5. Biogas Plant Designs

6. Ancillary Equipment

7. Bio-gas in Engines

8. Operating a Biogas System

9. Economics of Biogas Systems

10. Community Biogas

11. Biogas Research and Development

12. Politics of Biogas


I. Basic Building Techniques

II. Gas Appliance Design

III. Research Techniques

IV. Model for Biogas Digestion

V. Economic Assumptions

The book has 49 diagrams and offers information on biogas production modelling as well as economic analyses of the benefits of biogas in the 1980s. It looks at the floating drum and cast concrete fixed dome designs, as used in Nepal.

Running a biogas programme

This book is still available from Development Bookshop as well as from Amazon (where it received a nice review).

The book compares the biogas extension programme in Nepal with those in India and China based on the reports available in 1988. The book has 210 references, although many may not be presently available.

It contains details of the biogas technology used in the Nepal programme in 1980s.