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Biogas extension has been documented by various groups. SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) has produced many reports which are available on their web site.

SANDEC (Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries) part of EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology): has several Reports on  Indian food waste systems built by ARTI and Biotech Ltd in India and Africa.

The International Energy Authority (IEA) has a range of Tasks related to various subject areas. IEA Task  37 relates to Biogas and offers a wide range of reports and presentations from the group as a whole, as well as publications and workshop reports from groups in the member countries.

Ashden is part of the Sainsbury Foundation and gives awards for the best renewable energy projects in the world. Awards have been made to several projects doing biogas extension in several countries and videos made about them.

Links to more in formation on biogas can be found under Biogas Wikispaces. This includes a Beginners Guide to Biogas produced by Paul Harris when he was with the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Another source of information was preparation for teaching the MSc course on Renewable Energy at Reading University. This includes the first order rate theory which can be used to predict the amount of biogas from a plant.

Biogas information resources

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