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28 June 2017

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3D Panoramas are made by taking a series of photographs by revolving the camera about a central point and stitching them together.

The number of photographs can be reduced by using a fish-eye lens, that gives a very wide viewing angle. To do this, it distorts the picture. The right software (PTGui for example) can transform the images to generate a panorama.

One example of a panorama is from a project in India at the Campus set up by ACTS Group. The panorama shows the area around a biogas plant that was built to test the processing of biomass wastes. Kingdom Bioenergy is involved in a plan to expand this work.

One weakness of this panorama is that the camera was rotated around the photographic sensor rather than the entry point of the lens. That caused parallax errors, which means the long wall does not look completely straight.

Another example with parallax errors is taken from the shore of Lake Song, a lakeside resort in Kumarakom, near Kottayam in Kerala, South India. The errors can be seen in the kinks in the tree trunks, which had to be smoothed out in an image editor.

A new camera, a Samsung Gear 360 allows a panorama to be taken in a single shot.  

Two panoramas were taken at the joint church service of the Woodley churches in Woodford Park, one with a couple dancing and one when a hymn was being sung.  

Panoramas have been taken in various places which are shown on a map of the UK. Each place has links to one or more panoramas.