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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

Experts in anaerobic digestion

With the increasing popularity of the study of anaerobic digestion, several students have seen it as a subject for further degrees.

Dr Khondokar Mizanur Rahman (Mizan) did a PhD on the “Determination of the Potential Energy Contribution and Green House Gas Mitigation of Small and Medium Anaerobic Digester Systems in Bangladesh” at Brighton University. He had previously worked in BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) in Dhaka. He is now a post-doc researcher at BCU (Birmingham City University) in the Bioenergy Research Group. His e-mail is: <khondokar122@yahoo.com>.

Kingdon Bioenergy Ltd has linked up with Mizan and BCU to write proposals to develop a system to process food wastes, using a CFLB (Counter-Flow Leach Bed) predigester, with a main digester.

Christopher Crawshay Jones worked part-time as an unpaid intern with Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd, doing a pre-feasibility study on the potential for using AD to process biomass residues from a hotel in Thailand.

Sam Ramsden visited SKG Sangha in Kolar, near Bangalore in South India, to document their approach to biogas extension work. He worked as a volunteer, but did receive accommodation and food while he was there.

Dr Emmanuel Ogbonna did a PhD on the “Optimum Mesophilic Reaction Temperature” at Hertford University. He is now a consultant on Anaerobic Digestion and is looking for opportunities to use his knowledge. He is also interested to use anaerobic digestion to help small farmers in  Nigeria. His e-mail is: <emmanuel.ogbonna1@gmail.com>.