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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

Equations for plant volumes 1

The internal volume (V) of a floating drum biogas plant can be calculated using the volume of a cylinder, where d is the diameter of the pit and H being the depth of the pit.

\[ V = {{\pi d^2 } \over 4}H \]

The internal volume of the floating drum can be calculated in the same way, with d being the diameter of the drum and H being the height of the drum.

Using the values from the drawing of a KVIC plant, the internal volume of the digester pit is: 7.28 m3.

The quoted value of 7.1 m3 allows for the volume of the brick structures inside the digester that need to be subtracted from the total.

The volume of the gas drum is: 1.77 m3 ,as the diameter of the drum is 1.5 m and the height is  1.0 m. Again, the quoted value of 1.7 m3 allows for the steel structures inside the drum that take up some space.

The internal volumes of the Deenbandhu and GGC 2047 designs can be calculated using other equations.