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David Fulford’s Consulting and Project work

Ashden Award judging visits have included (see map):

Biomass gasification projects in India and Sri Lanka, including Saran Renewable Energy Pvt and Husk Power Systems Ltd.

Biomass briquetting project in Uganda, Kampala Jellitone Supplies Ltd

Biogas projects in India, Rwanda and Ghana, including: SKG Sangha (see photos), Biotech Ltd (see photos), VK Nardep and Biogas Technology West Africa Ltd;

Improved Stove projects in South Africa, Eritrea (see photos), India, Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti including Aprovecho, ERTC, TIDE (see photos), GIRA, HELPS and D&E Green Enterprises;

Hydro Hydro projects in Brazil, Peru (see photos), Bolivia including CRELUZ, Practical Action and Prodener;

Solar projects in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, India (see photos), Nigeria, Brazil, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador including Technosol, Stiftung Solarenergie, Aryavart Gramin Bank and KXN Nigeria.

Wind project in Peru.

Other consulting work has included (see map):

Micro hydro technology transfer from Nepal to Uganda, for DfID and Biogas programme planning in Sri Lanka, for Practical Action, Sri Lanka;

Micro Hydro programme planning in Papua New Guinea.

MSc Course related visits have included:

Biogas project supervision in Mumbai, India. The student O.P. Shah wrote his Msc thesis “Sustainable Waste Processing in Mumbai: Using the Nisargruna Technology” for the European course run by University of Borås, Sweden. Work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Boras, Sweden, to plan and run a EU AsiaLink Funded MSc course.

Food waste biogas India

Micro-hydro plant in Peru.

BioTech 2007 PractAction1 HuskPower GreenHaiti

Gasification plant India

Improved wood stove, Haiti