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Biogas Uses

The main use of the gas from the small domestic plants used widely in Nepal, India and China, is for cooking. Biogas from cattle dung or food wastes can replace other cooking fuels, such as wood, LPG and kerosene.

Biogas, because it is mixed with carbon dioxide, has a reduced heating value and Wobbe number than natural gas. Natural gas burners can be used with biogas, but only if they are adapted first. Burners can be, and have been, designed for use with biogas.

Information on the design of biogas burners is available in a short course. Information is also available in the books shown above.

A biogas stove was designed for the DCS project, but it did not meet the design requirements as well as it should have done. Unfortunately, this design was not improved, even though tests showed inadequate efficiency. Further tests showed a need for improvement.

Biogas can also be used in engines, if there is sufficient gas. A dual-fuel engine uses diesel or biodiesel to provide ignition in a compression ignition engine, which biogas fed in through the air inlet can replace 80% of the fuel. A gas engine uses the high compression of a diesel engine, but uses a spark to ignite the gas.

The shaft power from the engine can be used to drive machinery, such as an irrigation pump, or it can be used to drive a generator for electricity.

DCS Burner

DCS  biogas burners used to cook

Gas engine used with biogas

Dual-fuel engine used with biogas