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Drawing of Brick Dome Design

The brick dome plants are built with rings of brick which are laid unsupported. The floor is usually made as a segment of a sphere, while the top is usually a full hemisphere.

In India, this design of plant is called the Deenbandhu. It is used in many places in India, in many places in China and also in some places in East and West Africa.

Typical values for a 2 m3 Deenbandhu plant are:




1.275 m


2.015 m


2.550 m

These figures can be used to calculate the volume of the digester pit and the gas storage dome.

A sequence of pictures showing a plant being built is here.

Deenbandhu Build 2 Deenbandhu Build 3 Deenbandhu Build 1

Building dome biogas plant

Dome near complete

Dome completed, plastered